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    NetworkManager and Netplan

    Hi everyone. I have set up my home wifi connection with NetworkManager GUI. Everything works fine with DHCP on and all gateway, DNS parameters are correctly obtained fron my router. I also have Netplan, with a yaml file stating that my wifi adapter should not use DHCP, and it's using...
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    Solved ip - ifconfig - netplan - interfaces file

    Hi! I'm struggling to configure a quite simple network using Debian. I can't see the difference between using the following commands to set the networking parameters. ip ifconfig netplan /etc/network/interfaces file When to use one or another? Why so many tools for the same purpose? Does any...
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    routing traffic with netplan

    Hi there. i have 2 virtual machines both ubuntu 22.04. All network interfaces are private. first vm has two private lan: second vm has two private lan: using netplan how can i redirect traffic from vm1 to vm2