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    Creating a Library Folder on 2nd drive Linux

    Hello, I recently switched my pc to linux and I'm having issues installing games on my game drive . I have added a mountpoint in my home folder for the drive with fstab(2nd drive is exfat), but steam doesn't show the folder when I'm searching for a new Library Folder on Linux (I'm running zorin...
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    Dual Boot (Ubuntu and Win 10) Mounting Drive Problems

    Hi, having some problems with switching to Linux. I have my Win 10 local disk on /dev/sdd and Ubuntu Linux on /dev/sda. I would like to access my windows local disk files within Linux but when I try to mount /dev/sdd to /mnt with: "sudo mount /dev/sdd /mnt" I get: "mount: /mnt: wrong fs type...
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    Mount Linux Mint partition after installing MacOS upgrade High Sierra

    I have recently installed a MacOS upgrade to my Laptop. The problem is that now the Linux partition/s are not mounting, so I cannot use the Linux software. I have tried using disk utility without luck.