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  1. B

    Dovecot doesn't sort mails in folders

    Hi! I'm setting up a Postfix + Dovecot mailserver. Once Dovecot is installed, I edit "/etc/dovecot/conf.d/10-mail.conf" and set this directive as follows: mail_location = maildir:~/Maildir Upon restarting dovecot service, I send an email and I expect to have a folder named...
  2. C

    535 error sending on new email, mail server sendmail, dovecot, roundcube

    Hello, I have a centos server with sendmail, dovecot, roundcube mail server. Old emails work well. How to create a new email so that it works with this configuration. Receiving in roundcube works on a new email. Sending gives error 535 in roundcube on new account lolex. Jul 7 09:50:00...
  3. A

    Sending Cron.log to mail

    Hello, I have a cron job running every 2 hours and generating a cron.log, I want to receive this log by mail after the cron job is end , I tried this 0 */2 * * * /DATA/scripts/Daily_Script.sh &> /DATA/scripts/cron.log | mail -s "APP2_Monitoring_Log" [email protected] , but I didn't receive...
  4. sujatha90

    Mails Goes to Spam Folder - Issue

    Hi, Iam using Vesta controlpanel installed with Ubuntu 18.04. When i sent a mail from my website's webmail, all the mails goes to Spam folder in Gmail & Hotmail. I want to deliver my mails to Inbox. Please help me to resolve this. Thank You.