1. B

    Local POSTFIX cannot send to Gmail

    Hi. I have set up a POSTFIX server in an AWS EC2 instance. If I try to send emails between local users using Sendmail, it works. However, if I try with an external account (gmail for example), it doesn't work. Command: echo "test email" | sendmail [email protected] POSTFIX Log...
  2. T

    Generate html mail in bash to use with mail

    Hi, I created a simple script in which a certain information is send via mail like this: printf "Dear $i, please enable 2fa on $site.\n\n Your inital code: \n $code \n\n\n For detailed instructions visit:\n \n\n You must...
  3. deminart

    Solved Mail does not go to an external address

    Good day everyone. Tell me please. my recent post In short, the mail was not sent to external mail, because. internal domain with the same name. I was advised to make a transport card. nano /etc/postfix/transport_map smtp:[] postmap /etc/postfix/transport_map systemctl...
  4. B

    Dovecot doesn't sort mails in folders

    Hi! I'm setting up a Postfix + Dovecot mailserver. Once Dovecot is installed, I edit "/etc/dovecot/conf.d/10-mail.conf" and set this directive as follows: mail_location = maildir:~/Maildir Upon restarting dovecot service, I send an email and I expect to have a folder named...
  5. C

    535 error sending on new email, mail server sendmail, dovecot, roundcube

    Hello, I have a centos server with sendmail, dovecot, roundcube mail server. Old emails work well. How to create a new email so that it works with this configuration. Receiving in roundcube works on a new email. Sending gives error 535 in roundcube on new account lolex. Jul 7 09:50:00...
  6. A

    Sending Cron.log to mail

    Hello, I have a cron job running every 2 hours and generating a cron.log, I want to receive this log by mail after the cron job is end , I tried this 0 */2 * * * /DATA/scripts/ &> /DATA/scripts/cron.log | mail -s "APP2_Monitoring_Log" [email protected] , but I didn't receive...
  7. sujatha90

    Mails Goes to Spam Folder - Issue

    Hi, Iam using Vesta controlpanel installed with Ubuntu 18.04. When i sent a mail from my website's webmail, all the mails goes to Spam folder in Gmail & Hotmail. I want to deliver my mails to Inbox. Please help me to resolve this. Thank You.