low end hardware

  1. mizzi_k

    What Debian Is Best Option For Beginners In 2020!!!

    Actually ! I Am Using Ubuntu,Kali,Zorin And PARROT OS On Different Computers. Actually The Best Alternative For Kali Linux Is Parrot Os. And Its Kinda Amazing Now In 2020. The GUI Is Amazing, And The Applications Management Is Great. The Problems Within The Terminal Like Snap Or Apt And Other...
  2. D

    What is the best distro for me?

    Hello friends, i'm currently using Windows and i want change to Linux because i think my GPU can't stand the Windows OS. My school have a partnership with Microsoft and i have free acess to some paid Microsoft services and softwares like Office and i don't want to lose that privilege at all. I...
  3. T

    Using a USB device to boot, and run a Linux OS from

    Hi I have a very low-fi laptop; an HP Mini 5103, that I intend for casual use (internet, Word, and Excel at the most). The current OS that is on it is Windows 10, and whilst I don't really mind Windows 10, I am afraid that it might be a bit too resource heavy for the 5103. From what I have been...
  4. blackneos940

    Upgrading to Lubuntu 18.04!!..... :3

    So apparently, all the spammers come out at around 12:00 A.M. EST, which coincides with all the weirdos I meet at the local gas station at night, sometimes whilst guzzling Diet Mountain Dew while there..... :\ On a related topic, I'm upgrading to Lubuntu 18.04!..... :3 And, I'm using...