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  1. R

    Black screen when I sleep in Kali live Boot

    Hello. I installed Kali as a boot to my USB and when I start to run it on the computer, sometimes I need to put it in “lock screen” mode, but when I put it in this mode, the screen turns black and I cannot open it in any way.
  2. pozo85

    Kali Linux in HP Omen 16-c0045ns

    Hi guys! I hope somebody in this chat can help me with this problem that produce me headache. I bought the computer HP Omen 16-c0045ns and I am trying to install Kali Linux or at least to load Kali Linux from a live-usb. When I complete the installation. I reboot the computer, and in the grub...
  3. D

    [SOLVED] About Debian 11 Live Boot & persistence options: bind or union

    I am using Debian 11 bullseye live iso in USB. I need persistence mode. But which one? I read there are two options : bind and union. I am asking about it, because in live boot options man page it says that : "At boot time it will look for a (read-only) medium containing a "/live" directory...
  4. A

    How To Create custom Debian Distro Iso With Live Boot Capabilities

    Hello everyone , i am new to this forum i am a student , and a Debian 10 XFce user , I Want to create my own usb linux distribution with live boot capabilities , according to some methods , i have used Linux-live kit , from github and also tried programs that offer live system creation...
  5. I

    i cant change permissions of an app

    When i attempt to change permissions such as execute to true it simply reverts back, when i attempt from the console this also happens. i am using linux mint and am crippled with live sessions only (dont really have an account, and holding everything for the os on 15 gig drive and have a 32 as a...
  6. talhakammybond

    Should I full install Linux on a USB?

    Hi! I just posted to know about experiences on installing Linux on a USB drive. I have a laptop for medium range gaming but the only problem is that the HDD is corrupt so I just want to use ROBLOX and for learning. Kindly reply so I can do that and will post my tests. :)
  7. V

    not able to add a new user in kali linux live usb persistance 2020.1b

    whenever i create a new user and reboot it just restores to 1 user only.Rest of the changes i make are saved like files,softwares.
  8. B

    Question about complete bootable os and all program copy in live ubuntu using dd command

    I am upgrading from a 1 tb sata hdd to a 2 tb pciexpress ssd. The old drive is using around 700 gig of space with windows 10 load and my games and programs etc. My plan is to boot to ubuntu live session and use dd command to copy the old drive exactly how the data is written on it to make the...
  9. K

    I can't set Knoppix 8.6 to persistence

    Hello. I've been using Linux for years but I still consider my computing skills rudimentary so I need some help here. My computer is currently lacking a hard disk and I thought it was not usable until I read about Knoppix - a Debian-based live Linux distro designed to function entirely on...
  10. K

    Can't install Kali due to graphics artifacts; live USB works fine

    Hey, I'm having an issue identical the one described here (or here), but I can't find a working solution anywhere. To sum up, I can't install Kali as the screen becomes unreadable both in graphical and text installation mode, but I can run it live and it works perfectly okay. Any ideas on...
  11. N

    Wanting to move from OSX to Linux

    Hey all! I have been interested in moving to a linux os for a while now and want to pull the trigger now. I have a mid 2009 MacBook Pro with 2.26 GHz intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 memory, 320 GB of storage, and a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB Graphics card. I used to have an...