linux security

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    I have a little problem with the program that i'm using

    i am using erwall - linux firewall automation system for a while. i have managed to create client groups (of servers) used for staging apps. but i can not create a custom rule for TCP protocol. can u help? Thanks
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    SOLVED: Linux Capabilities-laced binary for running docker stats command?

    Hi, I have a scenario where a normal user process needs to call docker stats command, which is an elevated (root) call. The idea is to write a simple helper binary that adds the appropriate caps to the inheritable and ambient sets (and then set the caps on the binary from a setup script that...
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    Help analyzing malware graph generated by Virus Total

    Hi Everyone, I received a suspicious file some time in the past via a social media site, I uploaded the file to Virus Total and I would like some one to have a look at the Graph generated by virus total and tell me exactly what this file does. May be it's some sort of windows malware and has no...