kernel 5.15

  1. A

    RT-linux interrupt service routine

    hi Iam using m_can.c driver for spi-to-can in RT-linux (5.15.52 kernel i applied 5.15.55 RT-linux patch). My can device has one watch dog interrupt configured. When this watch dog interrupt occurs every millisecond, the m_can_isr function is called. err = request_threaded_irq(dev->irq...
  2. M

    Hardware help - Apologies if wrong location

    Hi, I have been using Linux for a while but I am not super proficient in troubleshooting and I'm in need of some help. I apologise if this is in the wrong location - I suspect the issue is hardware related but I've tried everything I can think of and I still can't resolve it. I have tried to...
  3. szlance

    compile the kernel

    Dear All I am compiling the kernel5.15,encountered some problems。 How to remove unwanted drivers in ,keep it simple E.g:sound card driver,Graphics driver thanks
  4. S

    Intel HD 770 (AlderLake-S GT1) embedded GPU causes blank screen even with kernel 5.17

    Hi, I've installed Ubuntu 22.04 on an Intel 12700T (AlderLake) but the screen goes black when switching to the i915 (Intel eGPU) driver. This happens in the 22.04 Desktop setup (which only run in "Safe Graphics" model), It happens when 22.04 Desktop boots normally. It happens in 22.04...
  5. bug_hunter

    Wifi 6 AX201 Not Working on Parrot OS

    Hi, Bought a new laptop with configuration: My wifi ( Device-1: Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201 driver: iwlwifi) is not working with internal Wifi card and working with an external adapter it is not damaged (works with windows 11) and I am stuck with this for 2 months. OTHER QUESTIONS: Is Bluetooth...