kde neon

  1. A

    Can't install KDE Neon

    I can't install KDE Neon on my computer. I'm using Windows 11. I can install ubuntu easily, but I can't install KDE Neon. My usb stick with KDE Neon installed is not recognised by the pc. What can I do?
  2. S

    I guess am messed up

    Hi guys ! Today i was trying to install kde neon to my second drive and after the booting when i trying to enter my second drive am getting error kind of like that : no such device... Then i tried to find solutions on internet , but none of them was benefetical After the few minutes i tried...
  3. Dumpling

    [FIXED] Wacom Cintiq Pen Offset in KDE Neon

    Dual Monitor works great in Neon (even the mouse works perfectly) The only problem now is that, when I use my Wacom Stylus to draw the pen and cursor are offset Here are Some Pictures: I really hope there are some methods to fix this issue :( Also Here is my System Info: Other...