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    Hi, i use a linux ubuntu like a gateway/firewall with iptables with 3 eth, in one (Lan eth) i configure a eth for working with a subnetting and adding two ip on the eth: and In a linux host i can navigate, in some host i configure one segment of subnetting and in...
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    IPTABLES. Strange behaviour with Input Drop and duplicated "sources"

    Hi everyone I'm testing iptables on Debian. My idea completely close system incoming connections and step by step go opening selectively to certain IPs and ports. To start, I deny every incoming with: iptables --policy INPUT DROP Then, I add specific rules so as a particular IP can access...
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    Is there some alternatives like ndpi-netfilter?

    I know the ndpi-netfilter can block traffic by coordinate with iptables ,but I want some alternatives that provide a uniform interface to add my own application protocol like a application feature library and they don't need to make a specific *.c file to realize adding purpose. So do you know...
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    Testing the knowledge on iptables and firewalld

    I want to test my knowledge on iptables and firewalld. Prompt online tests.
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    Iptables and Ipset blacklist, blocking email and webmail access

    Hi all, I have one web server (Linux Ubuntu, Apache, MySql, Plesk), with some sites, and after two invasions, and hundred of invasion attempts, I'm trying to get more ensurance, with iptables and ipset blacklist, following one tutorial that I found in the web. Occour that, after to apply the...
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    Number of http connections client vs server, how to count?

    Hello, i can use tools like https://tools.pingdom.com , http://gtmetrix.com , Firefox/CHrome developer console to count number of HTTP port 80/443 requests, BUT i want to ask if this match/is same with number of network connections that the web server accepts using netfilter/iptables (firewall...