intel hd

  1. L

    Gpu is not being used

    Hello,I am running archcraft and I have two gpus in my laptop.Both the intel and amd gpus shows up in neofetch but while monitoring their performance it shows they are not being used.What is the solution for this? I have the following GPUS: 1.Amd radeon m330 2.Intel Hd graphics 520 I have...
  2. Rafi X

    1440p/WQHD in external screen on Intel HD 4600 (4gen mobile CPU)

    I have laptop with Intel HD 4600 (i7 4gen CPU) with 1080p screen. I want to connect my laptop to 1440p external screen by HDMI. By default my laptop see only 2048x1152 resolution. I made xorg.conf file and modify using "Modeline" option in "Monitor" section and "Modes" option in "Screen"...