gui issue

  1. Shail Murtaza

    Solved X server not running [SOLVED]

    Hi! I'm using AntiX 19.5 Core which is debian based distro without GUI in Virtual Box. You just get tty at startup in core version of AntiX Linux System Host: antix1 Kernal: 4.9.0-294-antix.1-amd64-smp Arch: x86_64 Bits: 64 console: tty1 Distro: antix-19.5_x64-core Wobblies 24 January, 2022 I...
  2. F

    Kali gui problem

    Hi I am having an issue I was updating my repo after install on to hard drive and it restarted and went to login section on a black screen I logged in believing I could figure it out only to be thrown back In the loop without the option to login i get the kali logo then black screen with cursor...