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grub rescue

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    GRUB Rescue:Need help from someone with patience

    I tried installing Kali Linux but had some problem,errors and now when i want to boot the laptop this is what happens. I tried looking for tutorials but its like Chinese I dont have experience at all.. Please give me guidance so i can use the laptop and fix this problem.
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    Solved Broke my system for the first time

    Hello, I have a dual boot system, where my c drive is divided into 2 and in one of the partitions I have Archcraft installed. I wanted to expand the arch partition so I went on windows and reduced the space and defragmented the disk, now my arch doesn't boot lol. Im pretty sure it's because it...
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    Stuck On Grub Rescue

    I installed linux mint everything was fine. After that I decided to get windows 10 again. After booting to windows 10 using a usb. I accidently deleted the partition. After watching tutorial I set() the set prefix() but during insmod and normal nothing works. Tried Booting again but it throws me...
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    I can't boot my laptop from the Grub screen.

    There was a problem with my notebook that made me reinstall Fedora 35 on it. I put the bootable flash drive and the process. Everything went well in the first steps, until the installation itself went wrong. I believe I have done something wrong in the configuration partitions when separating...
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    grub rescue when booting Windows 10 bootable usb.

    Hello, i have Kali Linux Latest Version, i have used it for three months, and now i want install windows 10 on my second Hard Drive, i have created bootable usb, but when i want boot the usb it show me grub rescue, i need help.