grub error

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    grub rescue when booting Windows 10 bootable usb.

    Hello, i have Kali Linux Latest Version, i have used it for three months, and now i want install windows 10 on my second Hard Drive, i have created bootable usb, but when i want boot the usb it show me grub rescue, i need help.
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    Kali / Windows : GRUB Problem

    Hello, I have a DELL laptop running with Windows. I wanted to install Kali Linux 2020 on an external hard-drive. To make the installation, I did it through the laptop, with a USB bootable key with Kali LINUX installer and the hard drive. The Installation went well, and now, when I plug my hard...
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    Debian 10 VMware: Trying to Create a Grub 40_custom Menuentry for Kali Linux

    So I am trying to get a Grub Boot Menuentry for Kali Linux for a project for college however I have been unable to get it to run the iso. I have put my Iso file in /mnt/iso and made sure to copy the name correctly into my menuentry here This is exactly how my teacher asked for it to be typed...