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    Error when running "$ ninja -C build" command while installing glava

    So i am new to use linux mint but i want to install galva so i have done evrything as good as i can but when i tried to run mohit@Hyper-Machine:~/glava$ ninja -C build this command i got a error ninja: Entering directory `build' [2/19] Compiling C object libglava.so.p/glava_fifo.c.o...
  2. A

    Pls help getting update error

    I have installed kali Linux or nethunter in termux. After watching video how to install it i finally installed it. Now I'm whenever run apt update or sudo apt update command I'm getting this error: Temporary failure resolving 'http.kali.org' Err:2 http://http.kali.org/kali kali-bleeding-edge...
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    Kali Linux error update

  4. E

    Why is it not showing!?

    I have recently upgraded to Ubuntu Jammy Jelly Fish, Gnome version 42, excited to see the new accent colour feature. Unfortunately, it wasn't able to show the option to change accent colour. I would highly appreciate it if anybody can help me fix this problem asap.
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    sched_error 06

    hiya, i am trying to dual boot my windows laptop to linux/windows but when i put the usb stick in an boot to linux it spams an error message saying sched_error 06, can you guys tell me what this error means and how can i fix it? thanks
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    [CentOS 6.x] over core_pipe_limit

    Hi. I have a question. Does anyone know about this error? If anyone knows, please answer. T_T Thank you.