embedded linux

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    "panel-simple.c" display driver clarification

    Hello Everyone. I have to write a new display driver for my embedded board. If I well understood, in the "panel-simple.c" file ("drivers/gpu/drm/panel/panel-simple.c") I have to create a new "panel_desc" struct with the new display timings/parameters. Inside the "panel_desc" structure there are...
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    Error: maybe you need to increase the filesystem size (BR2_TARGET_ROOTFS_EXT2_SIZE)

    Hello I am usin Buildroot as distro. I have a problem. I wanted to update my build with adding some packages for my embedded system(stm32mp157). In menuconfig --> Filesystem images I chose an exact size of 270M which generated the above error. I tested the exact size and I for exact file...
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    Problems with Commandline Interaction

    Hello Forum, Im over to work with a Commandline Application (from Texas Instruments) for a embedded linux (e.g. ubuntu 16.4 LTS) on a ARM Devices, like the Beaglebone Black - Board (alike to the Raspberry Pi). This App got a Commandline Menu, The Problem is, the timeslot to enter a command...
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    Power failure cause system load up o U-boot instead normal mode

    I have a problem that device load up to U-Boot after power failure. This issue appear sporadically. I want to know what can cause it and how shud I prevent it. The system is Debian 8.1 and run on embedded device. I want to know what parameters responsible that system enter to U-boot and why they...
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    U-Boot Environment Variables issue

    I am trying to network boot Linux via TFTP and so when it starts up it says on the console, "ipaddr not set". Yet when I print the variable ipaddr it shows the ip address as shown in the image. Everytime I change the u-boot configuration I have to issue the command, "env default -a" because...
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    Question about embedded linux

    Hi, I started playing with a ZedBoard and I am interested in adding new peripherals to it. I am connecting a USB3300 usb phy to the board but I can not get response even though I build the kernel with almost all of the flags enabled. I even don't see a corresponding output when I do lsusb...