1. L

    Emails queued up and then a long delay before receiving

    I am trying to troubleshoot a situation where it takes several hours to half a day before an email from my customer arrives in my inbox. Let's say my email address is [email protected]. I am using Google Workspace Gmail. My DNS is hosted with GoDaddy and I set up mx records to use Gmail...
  2. LinuxLegends

    Forum with more specialized Email knowledge?

    I'm looking to hire a programmer with real deep knowledge of how TLS packets are handled by email servers. Anyone know a forum similar to this, but hyper-focused on email?
  3. Terminal Velocity

    Which email provider do you use and why?

    The choices are from this site: Which is the first google result for ''most popular email providers''. If your providers are not in the list please write in the comments
  4. D

    Make the Web Great Again

    Because of the browser wars, a small number of companies attempting to monopolize the web, personal websites becoming a dying trend, social media addiction, spyware, and numerous other issues affecting the modern web, I've occasionally been thinking about how we could remove all of them and...
  5. BoringZombie

    Would using Yandex email be a safer alternative than Gmail in terms of US data grabbing?

    I am looking at moving away from Microsoft and Google email services. Some of the encrypted emails I looked at have very limited storage and requires you to be active every few months to keep the email running and I need about 7 different email addresses. I don't feel like paying for emails and...
  6. D

    Will Email and Delivery Companies Ever Phase Out the Post Office? Why or Why Not?

    I don't have a problem with the post office per-se (I used to have a great relationship with this one mailman before he took a different route), but we're at a wierd time period where it may need to exist anymore. Email doesn't cost anything to send, and can appear in someone's inbox in a...