1. W

    Solved Debian 12 bookworm hard drives error buffer I/O Error on device sda1 EXT4-fs error (device sda1)

    I am trying to use Debian Bookworm, version 12.4.0 on a Dell PowerEdge 1950 server with 2 seagate hdd (SAS). Everything worked perfectly until I got an error message from my laptop (my laptop was connected to the server using ssh) : I then got the following error messages on the server...
  2. sudoMatty

    Installing Programs to a Different Disk

    Hello everyone. I've dipped my toes in Linux occasionally for the past few years, though I've been a Windows power-user for the vast majority of my time working with computers. I'm heavily considering switching to Linux as my daily driver, though I want to get an idea of how to do the things I...
  3. Catalin

    Corrupted USB Drive with I/O error

    Hello community! I've been testing some distros lately as I need to find other possible options for an older member of my family. So, I have this Hama 3.0 USB Drive 64 GB that I have been using but today it stopped working. I have this one since February 2020 and I barely used it, and when I...
  4. U

    Locked Drive After moving to Linux from Windows [HELP] [Pop-OS]

    I have been looking, and looking but I cant find an answer that would help. Folder Located under: /mnt/Drive So in the Terminal I typed: ls -l drwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4096 Aug 6 23:14 Drive I tried Chown, on it but it said: sudo: /etc/sudo.conf is owned by uid 1000, should be 0 sudo...