disk io

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    Disk IO of all disks in a system slowed down when one of the disks became readonly during content writing

    Environment: OS: OEL 7.6 Kernel: 3.10.0 Total Disks: 5 Description: We have 5 disks of size 4TB each. Content is being written on each of the disks. Avg. write time of disk is 5ms/req . Now, one of the disks suddenly got failed and became readonly. After this failure, response time of...
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    /proc/diskstats discard entries

    Hello, I had a requirement to check for the discarded sectors from the linux disk system using /proc/diskstats. Currently when i try: cat /proc/diskstats I get all the details - but the last 4 entires (discard details) always shows 0 for all the disk partitions. Quote: 8 0 sda 75206471...
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    Wanted to check Disk IO Per process/services - per-proc IOP's (no of reads, no of writes), rw wait time, disk busy ness, inodes

    I am looking for DISK IO per process/services in the linux machine : need following details: I do not want to use any external tools like iotop, dstat, atop etc... I was actually going through: /proc/{pid}/io I see it provides few details but not all what i am looking for. Is this the right...