1. B

    [SOLVED(through 'tmux')]How to scroll up/down in debian console(not xterm, ...)?

    Hello, Im new to the debian(and company), but 2 yrs. old to Ubuntu and Mint. May i ask that how do i scroll up and down in the console of the debian buster 10.6(installed through network-install.img)? host: PC, BIOS, amd64, 4GiB, 750GB, Core_i3(2nd, M-series). not-working: Shift+PgUp/PgDown...
  2. weazel

    Linux Operating System for Console.

    Linux Developers should get together and make a Linux distro for a console (xbox,ps,switch,raspie,other) that is open source and anyone can use it for free and for any thang. It's Just a idea maybe it will happen someday and the console will become open source.
  3. F

    How change path autostart in console

    My console start /home/kk I wrote script bash #!/bin/bash/ cd /C/Users/kk/Desktop but nothing happens, Why?