connection error

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    I dont see wlan0 interface

    I dont see wlan0 interface, i only see eth and lo
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    Error while mounting external HD

    Hello! I have been using Fedora for a long time, with no problems at all. However, today I plugged my external HD to save some files, and got an error message. The HD worked without issues for a long time, don’t know what happened. Any help would be appreciated!
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    Can't detect Rpi in virtual machine when trying to connect to a mosquitto broker

    I am setting up a MQTT architecture in my local network whose broker and one client are on a Rpi and another client is on a Parrot OS virtual machine (VM) located in a PC. The broker and the client of the Rpi work properly but when I try to connect the VM to the Rpi's broker by mosquitto_pub -h...
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    Can't SSH into my Fedora 34 Workstation

    Hello, when I try to connect to my Fedora 34 installation from my ubuntu installation on my laptop, it refuses to connect. The fedora workstation is running, the IP I'm trying to access is correct, I can ping it and I can login locally, but not via ssh. It has worked before but I have no clue...