1. A

    How to Install Pop!_OS with RAID 1?

    I am RAIDing due to the desire to avoid as I can single point failures in my system. I know the RAID is not a true backup, that it halves the available memory, that it doubles overall wear and tear, and it negatively affects performance a bit. Nevertheless my decision is to RAID, so please avoid...
  2. jeremyy44

    Adding cache drive to mdadm raid 5

    Hi so I just finished configuring my raid 5 that has 4 4tb drive and I was wondering what the best way to impliment a cache drive would be. If there is a good way what size would be enough? I tought of using a 128gb ssd to start with since what I usually transfer are media like movies series etc...
  3. S

    Display DNS cache

    Hi everyone! I have a question about DNS cache . I've tried to see dns cache records in linux with the command similar to windows and with no success. After quick search i saw that i need NSCD daemon And after that Run the command service nscd status or sudo service nscd status But it dose'nt...