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    Porting Code for Pulling Root Certs from Windows Store to Linux -- How Do I Do It?

    Hi, everyone. First post here. I have this server code I wrote in C++ a few years ago that I'm trying to enable ALPN and HTTP/2 support in. I've added code for ALPN already. I have code for pulling root certs from the Windows Cert Store in there that I want to port to Linux, but I want to...
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    Questions about an hp laptop

    Hi, I'm new here, i'm looking for a good laptop (the budget is around 1000€, programming, gaming a little bit, and other minor things), so, i was looking on amazon some laptops and i found this https://amzn.to/2vDHWVN , and here in Italy it's 1050€, with the 16gb model, i want to know if i can...
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    Correct way to find memory used by process

    Hi, I am running a C++ application on Redhat linux, built using gcc. The program works in a step by step manner, and each steps uses new and delete to allocate and remove memory for huge data structures. I've made sure that we are freeing all the memory allocated, but when I check for the...
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    i3 display manager

    Hello! I have been using the i3, and I never had a login Manager. I have a long time is the idea and small but perky concept on creation of the i3 display manager. Stops me a very poor knowledge of C++. But, I think that if we take as basis the gdm and use curses is possible to achieve much...