boot fail

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    Computer Refuses to Boot

    I'm new to Linux (mint) and I have been using it for about 4 months now but ever since I installed it I had issues with my NVIDIA card and it seems to be causing multiple problems. My PC doesn't boot sometimes and boots into emergency mode 70% of the time where it sometimes boots and sometimes...
  2. G

    Unable to boot Linux mint from SSD. Error with rpool.

    I'm new to all this, so please break things down for me... I have a bootable external drive that I installed Linux mint on and it was booting fine until today. It will not boot and I get an error message when trying to boot about the rpool. I did delete a folder in the home directory last night...
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    Nobara OS can't be booted after successfull installation

    H! I have just installed Nobara on my PC, because I've heard it is great for gaming and everyday tasks. I downloaded the .ISO file from the website and created a bootable usb stick with balena etcher, and booted the installer on my pc, the usual way. Everything worked out fine, I went through...