1. B

    Local POSTFIX cannot send to Gmail

    Hi. I have set up a POSTFIX server in an AWS EC2 instance. If I try to send emails between local users using Sendmail, it works. However, if I try with an external account (gmail for example), it doesn't work. Command: echo "test email" | sendmail [email protected] POSTFIX Log...
  2. S

    Moving directories into separate partition

    I have an EC2 instance running on RHEL 7.9 with one volume /dev/sda. I am not a Linux admin. I just know some basic stuff. How do I move /var & /home directories into separate partitions? I have to do this due to some requirements. What would be the impacts of doing so? Thanks.
  3. BIgD63

    SNMPv3 Security and Observium

    Hello all, as some of you know I am still quite new to Linux, so please feel free to break things down for someone who is not proficient. I am in a AWS EC2 server environment, we have a couple of ALinux servers, a bunch of AL2, Ubuntu, some CentOS7, one Debioan and a bunch of Windows servers...
  4. M

    Federated CLI Access with SAML (AWS)

    Hello, I'm trying to allow acces to AWS CLI/API using SAML and ADFS. Every time I run my script I receive the error "Response did not contain a valid SAML assertion". Any idea what's causing this response? For reference I'm following the guide posted here...