1. M

    Unable to start the server .Net6 with Alpine linux environment with MSSQL

    Hi, We are getting an error when we try to deploy our Web Api product with .net 6 , on Linux Alpine. The issue occurs when we deploy our product on Alpine Linux docker environment and starts our project . As we are running the Migration script[context.Database.Migrate()] in the startup.cs...
  2. P

    Visual Studio Code debuging error

    When I try to debug eny project I have error: "The terminal process failed to launch: Path to shell executable "dotnet" is not a file or a symlink." AnyOne now what's that's? How to fix that's? I have install dotnet SDK and runtimes. Ubuntu 22.04. A
  3. Hisoka Morow

    Host ASP.NET Core on Linux with Nginx

    Hi! I'm new on liux. I'm learning this tutorial I need Host my Web Application ASP.NET Core on my Linux CentOS with Nginx I followed the steps but I have a problem status...