1. N

    A cli appimage store made in ruby Jewelry store

    Hey everyone good night, i made a cli ruby appimage store with my friend check it out or
  2. N

    an app store via command line

    Hey everyone i made a cli app store with appimages and deb packages (my focus is appimages) you cant get that using this commands $ wget (if you preffer download shstoreBuild from $ chmod +x shstoreBuild $ ./shstoreBuild im...
  3. Linuxembourg

    Advantages of running newer software versions using AppImages?

    Has anyone seen or used apprepo? They have a lot of AppImages that are difficult to find otherwise, or at least not on other listings (e.g. Zap). From looking at the Github it seems a lot of the applications are regularly updated (maybe automated from packages). I installed Chromium 98 today...
  4. Linuxembourg

    Thoughts on Flatpaks and AppImages

    I've recently purged my Lubuntu of all the snaps I had installed, and the snapd/etc stuff that allows any snaps to run. It seems the snap versions of applications are bloated both in terms of installation size and RAM use. Are Flatpaks and AppImages considered to be similar to Snap packages...