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    Hello to all germans

    Hi I am Reginaldo Andres Stueckner growing up around Stuttgart and next living around Freiburg im Breisgau. Now I am in Sofia / Bulgaria and IF there is another one from Germany living in Germany , can we contact ? Danke und nun viel Spass wo auch immer du bist, der ' Administrator ' gab...
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    Install from inside LINUX

    So now I have checked some informations. A) with gparted I make a additional partition on my harddisk. B) I open the iso file and copy all files to the new partition C) now I have to edit the grunt list so I can decide at next boot which LINUX distribution I want to use / boot. D) WHAT IS...
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    Install from inside LINUX

    Thanks BUT this is NOT the answer to my question. I have used Rufus first time to make the USB stick with Knoppix. BUT NOW NO MORE USB STICK IS AVAILABLE ! SO once more ! How can I install ? Thanks for BETTER ideas and please (!) READ before reply , Merci ❤
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    Monitoring with sound

    Hi, wonderful ! ❤ I was not searching this BUT it shows me ONC MORE in LINUX and with knowledge - EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE ! thanks to the one which has made the ' code lines ' and posted them here , Merci from Sofia / Bulgaria where I stay now in the center, very near to the...
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    What's the best Linux distro for me?

    So let my reply : WHAT do you want ? What is necessary? With the answer to this questions you can find a distribution which is the best for you , OR ask a search engine. So I found Porteus LINUX for my nice little old dell laptop, with ONLY 800 Mhz and 256 MB of main memory. Now I will...
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    Install from inside LINUX

    Hi all from Sofia / Bulgaria ❤, I have got by using the popular internet side a cheap nice laptop with windows XP. Next I had the problem that ' thetering ' was NOT working. So I remembered as a German, there is Knoppix. I made a download and with a USB-stick from another one I was able to...