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    Kali Linux Revealed - free ebook

    @Rob @captain-sensible I agree. The same could be said for Pop!_OS, it appears to me.
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    Best Centos Backup Software

    Glad to help
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    lxde vs xfce

    @Nelson Muntz A recent comparison of DEs, just FYI. Any further discussion should probably begin another thread of a different title, IMO.
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    help on message

    PHP: MySQLi Maybe it helps!
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    Majority of apps build with GTK?

    @mireiner -- one can tell I do not mess with DEs much, especially not KDE of any sort! (Between Gnome and QT, I prefer the latter. Dislike Konquerer but like very much K3B)
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    Learn Linux In One Week eBook

    Good attitude, @Nelson Muntz !!
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    lxde vs xfce

    Cool. Glad to help and for your success. BTW, may you keep us updated on the 'unstable' Devuan? I've used a few Unstable Debian distros and learned a lot from them while enjoying the 'cutting edge' software programs. This, prior to systemd.
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    Linux won't install on Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P

    Also, can you boot to a LiveCD? (as Vrai asked, roudaboutly) More hardware specs (peripherals) would prove useful, OP.
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    Glitch with dial-up on Mint Mate 19 Tara

    FYI: OS email client software 15 Best Things To Do After Installing Linux Mint 19 “Tara” BTW: you're welcome
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    Learn Linux In One Week eBook

    TechRadar and this time, TecMint, are coming up with good stuff, lately. Latest is the eBook, “Learn Linux In One Week”. NOT free, however.
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    lxde vs xfce

    @darry1966 -- here's a XFCE wallpaper for you @JaceSchin -- done with GIMP
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    Crazy wallpaper issues in OpenSUSE/Gnome

    Something is definitely wrong with that image! 600ppi is way overkill for a JPG and perhaps, because it was done with Photoshop, the jpeg format or color palette is incompatible. Suggest using GIMP. GIMP is free, the learning curve is not steep, and is good enough for 90% of Users. I've...
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    Best Centos Backup Software

    I couldn't remember the name of the one that one of my bosses used, but came up with this -- linux-sytem-backup-tools. Take your pick. Further suggestions here at Linux Org will, most likely, be forthcoming.
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    Fix Any Linux Problem

    or so it says, here at TechRadar, in 2016! I got a kick out of it, but it's informative.