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    Problem after waking up and slow performance

    I found this post saying that other Lenovo laptops have similar issues with OS's like Ubuntu. Someone did post a command that he said help with his Dell Inspiron, but I can't say for sure that I know what it does or if it will help. The post is from a year ago, but that's all I could find on the...
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    Problem after waking up and slow performance

    Do you have the laptop make and model? It could be a driver issue but its hard to know.
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    Problem after waking up and slow performance

    What laptop are you using with your eOS install? What are the specs? Edit: Spelling
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    Wifi and Linux Mint

    I had this problem with my edu wifi. I had to create a new connection through a hidden network to get it to connect, even then it took a few tries. After it finally connected it auto connects right away though.
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    Problem using the hdmi cable to connect my kali linux laptop with penasonic tv !.

    Are you sure the HDMI cable isn't directional? What is the length of the cable?
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    Meme formats

    Check out r/memeeconomy on reddit. It's pretty bad and not many original formats but you'll get some novel ideas
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    TUIR - Command line Reddit

    There are certainly some quality subreddits and communities on Reddit, if you can find them that is ;)
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    Great Grandpa!

    Glad to hear it! Congrats!:D
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    how download linux os for pc free ? There are many different "distributions" of Linux. They all offer something a little different. Here are three distros that are popular among the community. You will be able to download a distribution of your choice at any of these...
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    PocketBeagle Single Board Review

    Thanks @Jarret B This looks like an interesting piece of hardware that could be super useful for projects! I love the size comparison as well :D
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    I think I'm being peer pressured into using Linux.

    Then are you really being peer pressured? :rolleyes:
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    High-end workstation/gaming laptop for GNU/Linux

    Hi there @biolinguist, I don't have a ton of experience with other MSI laptops, but my current Mint 19.2 setup is running on an MSI CX61 2QC and I have never experienced any problems loading a linux distro onto it. Drivers for audio, wifi, and networking have almost alwasy been loaded right on...
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    Laptop for Linux - Budget $800

    @millardleininger Some people don't like Microsoft's proprietary software and EULA. ;) For what he wants to use this for, I would much prefer a linux distro. Even on my Windows desktop I find myself booting into Ubuntu for website coding just because I like the feel of working on Ubuntu over...
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    Antergos rules!

    Sad to see this project ended. I was potentially interested in trying an Arch based distro but am not sure if I'm versed enough to do all the set-up and maintenance. Maybe I'll try out Arch on a VM.
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    Howdy @Borg ! What kind of guitars do you build?