I have been involved with computers since 1962, when I enlisted in the Navy. I spent twenty years developing programs in support of the USN HFDF system as well as other classified projects. Once I retired, I worked for RCA, and other companies in IT, either programming or repairing computers. I have now retired (since 2004) from the whole thing. I do keep my hand in at programming as well as experimenting with small, self-contained systems. I've traveled pretty much everywhere (all seven continents) and can make myself understood in around ten or eleven languages, including Japanese and Thai (having lived in Japan for three years and Thailand for one).

I am also an author, with two novels being offered by Amazon under the pen name of B. Douglas Slack. My nickname (Hiballer) comes from my brief stint at driving steam locomotives. A Hiballer is one who likes to drive them fast.

Not very active in Social media I'm sorry to say. I'm only on Facebook--primarily to keep up with family.
Jul 5, 1942 (Age: 81)
Doubly retired (USN, Systems Analyst)


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