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    Debian (or Proxmox?) with single display

    Not sure I need virtual machines. I think docker will handle everything I'm trying to run....but proxmox is suggested to so many....I feel there must be a reason why I should run it :) You can run a debian desktop on proxmox...I did it just to try...or you can run debian in a VM under proxmox...
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    My posts are "pending approval"

    at what point do I get to just post questions and answers without the "pending"? I'm not trying to sell automobile warranties.....I'm a real person :)
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    that usb cannot be formated

    Windows Diskpart seems to clean and reformat anything I've thrown at it.
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    Debian (or Proxmox?) with single display

    I'm about to configure a NUC7i5 with 32GB memory and 500GB storage with a single display (TV) and with hard wired ethernet connectivity. Primary uses are for Home Assistant, PiHole and I'd like to make the NUC my OpenVPN server. I currently use a ROKU as the user interface consolidator for...