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    Installing Linux on an iMac

    That was a nice post. I have a similar iMac but this is a later model, iMac 9.1 released 2009. 2GB ram and NVIDIA graphics. I installed Linux Mint on it, and it is pretty slow. I tried to installed ArcoLinux and EndeavourOS, both of them failed at installation in calamares. And ArcoLinux...
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    ArchLinux available textbooks

    And Internet/Network manager
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    ArchLinux available textbooks

    If you don’t have a backup of course
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    Accidentally uninstalled my GUI (Xfce 4.14.4)

    Kali Linux is based on Debian not Arch. You can get to the tty terminal by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F2 or F3 upto F6. And then login and run sudo apt-get xfce4 for more info you can follow this tutorial