Multi room audio with .jar bash scripts

Discussion in 'Command Line' started by Buntubadger, Aug 23, 2013.

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    I am trying to set up a multi room audio solution which I have successfully completed using this guide: Running multiple Softsqueeze streams from one PC

    (sorry to add entire post but I can't paste links)

    however it uses windows as the guide, I want to use ubuntu as the server for reliability but when the guide gives examples of creating batch files, I understand that ubuntu would not be able to understand these.

    Here is a copy of the example batch file:

    @echo off
    start /min "PC Speakers" java -Dserver=localhost:9000 -Dskins=headless -Daudio.mixer="Speakers (High Definition Audio Device)" -Dmacaddress=f7:25:9d:78:9f:66 -jar Softsqueeze.jar

    how would I convert this so ubuntu would understand which softsqueeze instance to map to which soundcard?

    Is it possible, the guide mentions that it is but without much guidance,

    I tried to follow someones advice and create a shell script with these contents:

    java -Dserver=localhost:9000 -Dskins=headless -Daudio.mixer="Speakers (High Definition Audio Device)" -Dmacaddress=f7:25:9d:78:9f:66 -jar Softsqueeze.jar

    But when I try to start the script from within the same folder as the softsqueeze.jar I get failed to execute child process no such file or directory, although I am running this from within the same directory.

    Would anyone have an idea how to get this working so that I can use the 5 different soundcards as I really need it up and running. It works with no issues under windows, I know that java runtime is installed correctly because I can start the softsqueeze.jar from command line with no problems.

    Looking forward to an answer,

    Thanks in advance,

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    I'm not sure that I'm full up to speed on this. I have a "Logitech Media Server" , software, on my PC to stream to a Sony SMC-N100, hardware, on my TV. It is available here: and it has a Debian/Ubuntu install.

    Look at the link "Running multiple Softsqueeze streams from one PC" . Strangely when I click the link "Squeezebox server" it takes me to the Logitech Media Server

    Look at the link "How to install SoftSqueeze on Ubuntu" . It mentions that you have to have a HARDWARE SqueezeCenter Server. Do you have this?

    A confusion of Squeezes?

    The Logitech Media Server just works for me. There are no batch files at all.

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