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If you are using Firefox, then install ghostery from the add-on's, that will take care of most pop-ups [except the damn sign in with Google one]
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Supplement that with Adblock plus for a double dose of chemotherapy for the ad cancer.
Let's begin the adventure.
Mar 20 14:29:00 linux-org-forum kernel: Command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/BOOT/aerosimit@/vmlinuz-6.2.0-32-generic root=ZFS=rpool/ROOT/aerosimit69 ro quiet splash vt.handoff=1
I've forgotten how this game played, as I haven't touched it for years. Surprisingly, it runs quite smoothly on 'Wine'. For those unfamiliar, 'Wine' is a software that allows users to run Windows applications on other operating systems. I'm still really impressed with version 8.15 of 'Wine'.

Wine 8.15 is out, and it's a game-changer. If you're new, Wine lets you run Windows apps on non-Windows systems. This update introduces TEXT print processor support and improvements in MSHTML and Wow64. I've been a fan since its 7.x days, and this version is even better. It fixes numerous bugs too. If you're into Linux gaming or need Windows software on other platforms, check out Wine. It bridges the gap seamlessly.
Are all or most Kali tools in a generic state requiring futher modification before they have productive results? Example wifite, hashcat if i run wifite and it utilizes multiple tools and successfully captures 4-way hand shakes but then uses small generic word-list and fails to crack handshake but does store the handshake / eapol files then i take same eapol file use hash cat and still fail to crack the file
Why is compiling on Linux so challenging? It took me five hours to compile Goverlay because I faced issues getting Lazarus to work. Eventually, I managed to compile Lazarus and install the libqt5pas.deb file. It was quite the ordeal!
Hackers are like gods, they know everything because they can see everything, yet they don't interfere with people's destiny. Only if it's convenient for them.
Thank you to the wonderful people that helped me with my ch340 driver problem
Feel like sh*t, been ill for the last 4 days, missed daughter's 25 th wedding anniversary, somehow managed to delete saved private e-mails on my provider server going back to 1990, many had attachments I wanted to keep, tried logging in here but just could not cope. Even cancelled holiday [we were ment to be driving the 51/2 hrs to Cornwall today]