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A bit late in your day but Happy Birthday Arochester! Hope it was a good one and you enjoyed some Pizza brought back from ... Pisa :) Chris
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I'm even later, but Happy Birthday! :)
i just downloaded debian strech and its working flawlessly
i cloned linuxcnc-plasmac then cd to linuxcnc-plasmac/debian
and then ./configure -a (]it says no realtime kernals found)
also installed realtime kernal linux-image-
also tried to booting it from grub boot screen but after boot it says same ( no realtime kernals found)
G'day @Bhushan - if you have a support question start a Thread at Getting Started or General LInux. Thanks wizard
Helped today another friend from a higher grade to install manjaro by side of windows 10.
There is another person in my class wichs' windows broke. He replaced it with Ubuntu.