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Because my desktop has now been on the fritz since the other day, my laptop almost suffered the same fate, but thankfully I somehow dodged a bullet with that
After sleeping on it last night, I also thought about running an Android desktop variant on my current desktop, since I was going to do that with my new one anyway. Unfortunately, Bliss OS only works with newer hardware, so I'll either go with Prime or Phoenix for the time being, or run them on my new desktop as well if they end up working great.
After dealing with frequent troubleshooting (which unfortunately has caused more problems than solutions), I originally decided to go back to 19.3 to make things more easier for myself. However, I recently encountered issues when trying to get that working properly. Now I'm contemplating going back to Windows completely, at least until my new computer is built and running something other than Windows or Linux.
I'm going to my friend's house later to play video games, while purposely being dressed as the Angry Video Game Nerd. He's going to hear me swearing up a storm. If the game sucks, I'll pretend to crap on it.
looking if any one can help me with the basic of scripting
G'day @candy zapp and welcome to :).

If you go to our Command Line subforum and post a Thread there, you will get some tips. They are likely to be in the form of links to sites to read, as we simply do not have the human resources to train people one on one.

Good luck, and enjoy your Linux.

Chris Turner
My parents and I got Culvers for dinner tonight. While I waiting in line at the drive-up, I was thinking back to that Nickelodeon movie Good Burger. Too bad I didn't mention that to the staff, because most of them were around my age and would've gotten the reference.
Super kudos to kdenlive for having published hardware codec profiles for nvidia cards, whenever that happened in the last 6 months. Now I can finally use my GTX 1070 to render video at a proper speed (~150fps for 1080p60).
I'm upgrading Mint from 19.3 to 20, and then again to 20.1. I'm almost done, but the process makes a graveyard look like a marathon race.
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I've been contemplating doing this for a while now. My 19.3 Cinnamon on my desktop machine is running perfectly though. I think I will either back-up my data and then 'nuke&pave' or perhaps switch to a distro with a good implementation of KDE. I have a brand new 500GB SSD eager to start pulling the duty! :)
Changing Windows XP to Linux Lite 1.0.8 32-bit
The Linux Lite doesn't like the screen graphics of the laptop :(
I'll try Linux Mint, also
Gotta check
How to I make a account for kali linux? (I do not hawe a account, I think)