Zorin 9 rocks. Win7 disappeared. Question on empty partitions.


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That's wonderful news, Danny :D, and you're a guitarist? Goodonyer.

If you think of it, let us know your Linux Mint version and Desktop Environment and I'll note it for if you need help. I usually have half a dozen Minties kicking around, it is a good product. When I first got serious about Linux in early 2014, I had Ubuntu 14.04 'Trusty Tahr' Unity onboard alongside Windows 7. Never really took to Unity. I went to download and install Linux Mint 17.0 'Qiana' MATE and it was an overnighter and then did not work (I did not know then about checking MD5sum or SHAsum), so put on Zorin 9 instead. Then held my mouth right and got Mint on a few days later (having blown away Windows), so I was a triple-booter of Linux - the rest, as they say, is history.

Jas is drummer with a British prog rock band called Kinasis. He has a great thread over here https://www.linux.org/threads/post-a-screenshot-of-your-desktop.124/ and on page 2 here, I have featured a still from one of their videos.


Took me ages and quick reflexes to get the screenshot, so I keep it safe and secure in case I lose the Distro it is on. :rolleyes:

Welcome to multibooting and enjoy your Linux ;)



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Thanx for the fotos and refs. Yeah I've played guitar for over 60 yrs. Lnew a lit of guys before they were "famous". Now I am using Reaper recording program. With Wine, of course. Talk soon.

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