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G'afternoon folks,

Let me begin by saying the last time I ever touched linux was when I was in high school (2007) and my computer teacher gave me a copy of knoppix. I fiddled around with it, and have always liked the gui linux has always had. Now back then things weren't as stable from what I can remember. I've recently built a new pc and kind of overclocked everything I could out of it. And now I'm super bored looking to entertain my mind. I'm not quite sure where to start...What copy of linux would work for my needs? I am a competitive PC gamer, I use steam and play fairly newer games. Other than that I just mess around online and tweak as many things as I can. My main questions are...Will I get more performance from my PC by using Linux? What copy should I download and read up on, and I have a 500GB SSD that I use for storage. My main boot/SSD is my m2.




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Hey Benjamin_G,

Welcome to

I can't really say which Linux Distro will be best for you and your needs.

I use old desktops and I run different Linux Distros on them and imo the mainstream flagship Linux Distros are all the same except for the user interface / GUI .

I like Debian and Debian built Linux Distros.
I like Ubuntu and Ubuntu flavors and Ubuntu built Linux Distros.

Post some system specs as that will assist the wise ones in recommending what will help you to have a good Linux experience.


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Hey man thanks for the compliment. I researched parts for a few months. Got lucky and won the silicon lottery for CPU's xD. I'll see what turns up on these links you posted. Thanks much for replying and helping me out. Much appreciated.

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