Yet another victory for Linux gaming over Windows


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Feb 25, 2019
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Microsoft keep advertising how "good" their operating systems are and yet I keep seeing evidence of the contrary pretty much on a daily basis! The latest one: an online game whose executable (it's also an updater) IS ALLOWED to go through the Windows Firewall won't update and keeps crying about missing internet connection.
The paradox is that on Linux without any settings whatsoever I just click on the exe and the updating process begins without any complaints! See the combined screenshots below to better understand the paradox.
I doubt that even Microsoft can explain this... this... nonsense! :D:D:D


Time to ditch windows :) You running that using proton?
Time to ditch windows :) You running that using proton?
Yes. Neverwinter is available on Steam. When I saw a banner of the game somewhere I was running Windows for another thing, so I decided to try Neverwinter (actually, to see how badly they've ruined the game; I've played it before) while I was still in Windows. But as you can see, it turned out that was a doomed cause.
I've ditched Windows as daily OS long ago. RN I'm using it only for specific tasks, to compare performance of things AND to play Mad Max with a trainer bc there are missions I can't complete without a trainer. There are no trainers for Linux, so I don't have a choice.
According to protondb Mad Max runs natively. I never played the game so not sure what you mean with trainer? Why would running Mad Max under Linux not allow you to play with a trainer and with windows it allows you, I'm guessing it has something to do with multiplayer?
I know Mad Max has a native Linux version. But trainers for god mode don't work in Linux (they can't find the process 'Mad Max.exe').

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