xfce4 in live cd?


Oct 23, 2019
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Is it possible to include some packages and the xfce4 DE in arch linux Live CD?? I would like to have this so that users will boot into a DE instead of a CLI interface.

Don't forget that I want some packages to be installed too.

Help is appreciated.

So, you can install arch with all the packages you want (also xfce) and startup Skripts onto a USB drive and then just take an image(.Img or .Iso). From this flash drive so that the users you want this to install have just to burn your image onto a USB drive and are ready to go.

Note! you have to modify this arch installation a bit to make it bootable on every type of machine, for this read the USbboot article in the arch wiki.
So you mean that if I take a live cd/usb, install arch on any USB drive, set up scripts and install xfce4 in it, create an iso file of my current installation and flash it to another USB or CD, other users can boot to a live environment with all my scripts and xfce4?? I will read the article you shared and see how to do that.

Wow I didn't know that. How did Manjaro create their own distribution of xfce and kde from arch linux?? Did they just change the icons and textures??

Thanks, Peer.
(You answer to a lot of questions I've posted. You deserve a like. )
They didn't just change icons and textures, this doesn't make a new distribution. They also wrote and configures they own software like pamac or the manjaro settings which got part of their distribution. They also configured they os so that it will be usable for the most people with the most usable and secure software. You also have to see that they have their own software repository to get software that's a bit more stable than the one In the arch repo.
Oh... so they heavily modified arch linux and added more stability. That's great actually :O

Now I have to find out how to make a iso file out of the usb drive to flash
Thanks.. Really appreciated your help! :D

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