Would i be able to setup ubuntu on a ASUS VivoBook S S533EQ-WB527T laptop


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Aug 16, 2021
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Hello everyone,

I'm looking to buy a new laptop to code for my job, the ASUS VivoBook S S533EQ caught my eye since its on a discount at one of my local stores. Would i have any trouble setting up Ubuntu on it ? Are there any known issues for this brand of laptops running with linux, like the fingerprint sensor ? I googled around but didn't find anything specific for this laptop.

These are the specs Screenshot from 2021-08-16 23-37-42.png

Tech specs from the official site from Asus https://www.asus.com/Laptops/For-Home/VivoBook/VivoBook-S15-S533-11th-Gen-Intel/techspec/

Thanks for reading.


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The one thing that may be problematic are the graphics, this laptop uses Intel® Iris Xe Graphics, and here https://dgpu-docs.intel.com/devices/iris-xe-max-graphics/index.html says
While support for the Intel Iris Xe Graphics processor has already been integrated into Linux* and integrated into Linux-based distributions such as Ubuntu 20.04.1, enabling work for the Intel Iris Xe MAX graphics processor in Linux* is ongoing.

In the meantime, we are excited to provide early access to that software and instructions to configure an Ubuntu 20.04.1 system so you can take advantage of both graphics adapters today. By following these instructions, your system’s display will be using the Intel Iris Xe Graphics processor and the Intel Iris Xe MAX graphics processor can then be used for 3D, media, and compute processing.
So, to answer your question about "being able to set Ubuntu", it would seem that it is possible. I suggest you take a look at that link, and read the whole thing.
Thank you for the answer Tolkem,

The i5-1135G7 has the Intel Iris Xe Graphics and not the gpu Max version and the doc you linked says that support for Intel Iris Xe Graphics has already been integrated into Ubuntu 20.04.1 , also isn't that doc concerning people who want to run both the Max and Intel Xe Graphics at the same time?
I would give Ubuntu a try on live usb first. That should tell you what works and what does not.
Odds are REALLY good that your hardware will run just fine, though you may need a distro with a newer kernel to take full advantage. And, I think the article explains it well enough. Even if it says the hardware doesn't work - it doesn't mean that it doesn't function - it may just mean that the hardware only partially functions or isn't optimal in its functioning. It is like 100% functionality vs. 95% functionality, or something like that analogy.

But, these days, hardware in Linux mostly 'just works'.

Also, I'd say about half of the articles I write are simply so I can link to 'em instead of repeating myself. LOL This has been a pretty good strategy!
@KGIII I'm planing on running ubuntu on it so i think that will be ok, i'll find out later today either way lol. That does sound like a good strat, you save time and noobs like me get answers.
I don't see any problems with Ubuntu based distro's apart from [as others have said] the Kernel is a bit outdated for the latest machines, there are other distros that come with newer kernels and drivers, the most popular [it has been no 1 on Distrowatch for over a year] is MX-linux with AHS [advanced hardware support]

@brickwizard Thanks for the suggestion, i will certainly keep it in mind. I bought the laptop and before i bought it i booted up ubuntu on it and ran the check from the packet KGIII linked. Everything seemed to be ok and supported but if i have any issues i will certainly try out MX-linus.
sounds like your set to Go, Enjoy! :)
Welcome to Linux. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask - preferably limited to one question/problem per thread. Enjoy! Linux is pretty awesome.
@KGIII Thanks :D I will surely come back to this forum if i have some questions, also i'll probably be more active reading some threads. I'll also look at the different tutorials you have on your site
LOL Well, there's a newsletter that sends an email to tell you that there's a new article. I have a new article up right now but it is a pain to post it on my phone. I am not home and won't be until later.

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