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Working on a new 'Stop Spammers' tool - Spammer DB

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Rob, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. Rob

    Rob Guest

    We're working on a new stop spammers tool called SpammerDB. The reason I'm telling you all about this is because we'll soon need some beta testers..

    We'll also want to hook up with some developers who want to add our API to their spam tools so it will be easy to implement on vbulletin, xenforo, wordpress, phpbb, etc..

    One major difference that makes ours better than the others?
    Read the blog post to find out: http://www.spammerdb.com/spammers-are-getting-through-everywhere/

    Site: http://www.SpammerDB.com
    Twitter: @SpammerDB
  2. Fahad

    Fahad Guest

    nice tool ..
    thanks Rob
  3. cm1967

    cm1967 Guest

    Let me know, Rob. I'll definitely help out with testing.
  4. dale

    dale Guest

    I have an abandoned MyBB that was so spam-attractive that I had to switch off registration. I'll be happy to beta test!
  5. Jait Jacob

    Jait Jacob Guest

    Sound interesting... working on it!

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