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WordPerfect compatible with Linux and can Linus be loaded on a new IMac?

I don't think WordPerfect is compatible with Linux nowadays, but why not just run it with Wine?

You can either dual boot Linux with Mac OS X or just install it in VirtualBox.
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Six months after the original post, but here goes. I am currently running WordPerfect for Linux 8.1, on Linux Mint 13, on an intel Mac Mini and also on a Macbook. It also runs on more recent versions of Linux Mint, as well as Ubuntu.

Corel made a version of WordPerfect for Linux circa 1999. It was since discontinued, however there are still some devoted fans. Here are the install instructions for an older version of Ubuntu. These instructions still work for the most recent version. Note that to run WP for Linux you need to install two old legacy libraries that no longer come standard with newer distributions.

Ok, so now I learn that my new account cannot post urls here. So, The website "WordPerfect Universe" has installation instructions. Just google "WordPerfect-8.1-for-Linux-Installation-steps-for-Ubuntu-10.04" and you will find it.

By doing this install you are running a native Linux program, so no emulator such as Wine is involved. WP for Linux will open all of your PC WordPerfect ver 6 through 8 files, as well as import RTF files, etc. It cannot open WP for Macintosh files. For that one must use the converters in LibreOffice as a bridge.

You can still find copies of WP for linux 8.0 to download, or you can purchase 8.1 (with more fonts, etc) used on CD. Look for it on ebay or amazon. It was also included on CD in a back cover pocket of WordPerfect for Linux Bible, and also on CD along with Rod Smith's Special Edition Using Corel WordPerfect 8 for Linux, ISBN 0789720329, published by Que. These books can be found online for very little money.

Be sure to look at the "xwp8users" webpage. Just google it. Again, sorry, my new account can't post direct links.

Note that the WP for Linux newsgroup is still active, which you can access with Thunderbird as your newsgroup reader. You can find the full address for that newsgroup on the xwp8users webpage.