Wireless Issue.


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Oct 6, 2021
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Ok, I am not new to installing Kali at all but this time im stuck. I got a new Acer Nitro 5 today, wanted to go full Kali install. Everything installed fine, until I got finished and noticed there was no wireless options. I can hard wire and everything works fine. Before we start with the basics, here are a few things I have tried;

iwconfig (lo and eth0 "no wireless extensions"

airmon-ng (blank)

I have updated everything and upgraded. I tried a few youtube tutorials and nothing. Please help me before I go bat shi*s. lol Thanks

can you run ... inxi -N
If you have to ask about how to get the wireless network interface to work in Kali you shouldn't be using Kali but a more beginner friendly distribution so you can learn the basics first.

This is such a basic and dumb answer. Im well aware of the basic and more advanced uses of some of the tool sin kali. No matter how good you are at something, there may always be something you are over looking or simply cant find. What im not good at is hardware, and this laptop may have an issue running it. I have used multiple tools in kali for years, I have simply never had an issue in this area with it. If your not helping Id say just skip the post.
Your post is dumb because you didn't even include which wireless card is in your system in your original post. If you had any previous GNU/Linux experience I would expect you to know this.

Or, Or, watch this. I dont use forums often so Im not aware of what to post. Lol love you ppl that stand on your high horse when you get the chance. I could run you around a Linux system. But wait, let me guess, you know it all lmao
Read the sticky topic in the section, we get too many people who want to start off with Kali while knowning nothing of Linux and asking basic questions which people should already know when running Kali. No I don't know it all and I don't claim to know it all you assumed that.

Point is, if you know any computer skills at all, no matter how far you get, some times you miss basic things. Thats the point of a help forum. I have designed websites from the ground up, and 10 years in, and guess what, I still miss basic stuff every now and then. The fact that Kali contains many tools, you cant possibly know it all. and for something so BASIC, you seem to have yet to offer any type of help, for such a basic issue.
Dont get the hump.. can you try downloading and running live MX-64 bit-ahs and see if that works .. its the only distribution I know that clames to have the latest driver set,
Kernel's newer than 5.7 should have this driver.

Kernel's newer than 5.1 have an older driver. (some bugs are reported)
Being that Kali is derived from Debian usually the missing ingredient to getting intel wireless running is firmware. See debian wiki here.
install the firemware reboot see it it works for you.
Good luck