WinTen Under my Skin



I am fed up with Windows wanting to update my computer, then deciding that the updates can't be completed and removing the changes, Ten minutes later it lets me log on... Time to boot up with Linux. I took some courses with Unix when in the military and I understand that they are pretty similar. Of course those were the days when input/output and memory were IBM cards.



A lot has changed since IBM punch cards! :eek::D

As long as you have WinX, it requires you to update it (when you run it). It cannot be turned off. Is it your wish to totally erase Windows and go with Linux? I can tell you that is much easier than trying to dual boot with both operating systems. Making changes to the OS can quickly go wrong and cause your system to not boot until you fix it... and you may lose access to your Windows if this happens. If you think you might want to go back to WinX, you should make "recovery disks" (on DVD or USB) before you attempt to install Linux. And you should backup anything that is important to you.

An alternative to dual booting is to install VirtualBox on Windows (its free) and then install Linux in a virtual machine. But Windows remains your primary (host) operating system and you'll still be updating it every time Micro$oft tells you to.

You can also remove your hard drive and only run "Live Linux distros" on a DVD (if you have a drive) or on a USB stick.

Options, and more options. What would you like to do?



Or, you could do as I do, and use drive caddies:D:D. Just insert the drive for the system you wish to run, and go.:)


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