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Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a nice life and a wondeful-healthy 2020! :)

Checking my feed bumped into this article It seems that the MS guys are doing some intresting things. An excerpt
Microsoft creating its own Windows Package Manager (winget) is significant, and the command line tool is already more useful than the Windows Store. You can navigate to a command prompt, type “winget install Steam,” and the latest version of Valve’s Steam app will be installed on your system. Steam doesn’t even exist in the Windows Store right now; there are many apps already available on winget like Zoom, WinRAR, and Logitech Harmony Remote that are also missing from the Store.
So looks like they are realizing people are getting sick of having to download whatever .exe file from a "who-knows" website only to get a malware/virus and started to take some "linux-like" approach. I gotta admit am curious now ;) They recently said "they were wrong about open source", now Windows/Linux users can run Linux apps in a "native-like" environment due to WSL. What do you think?


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They're bowing to the inevitable. But beware the hand that is behind the back!

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