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Interesting thread this - I had to put Wind 10 on another machine 4 hours to complete after the numerous updates. Linux Mint an hour to complete all updates and everything else. As for using flash player, in Mint during set up if you fill the box which say 3rd party applications it gets installed - don't like firefox - take it off completely through synaptic package manage - just search find them both right click and mark for complete removal and apply and it's gone. Both Chrome & Opera allow flash player, personally I like Opera better. Other browser do as from what I can tell. My advice is if you need windows apps, use wine to install them - easiest way. Having seen how bad windows really is now - so glad I am using Mint


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I'll jump in here. I use Chromium exclusively, along with an extension that works both with Chrome and Chromium (I think all Chrome extensions work with Chromium) it is called "Flash-HTML5 for You Tube." It changes gears automatically when a video needs Flash or HTML5 and it stays current with updates. It's available at the Google Play Store for free. Being a huge college sports nut, it is imperative that my computer be able to stream any type of video. On any given weekend, during football and baseball season, I will have between 8-11 games streaming between my 3 office TV's and my 5 computers. No, I don't bet on the games, and yes I have IPtv.
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