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I just got a phone call from someone claiming to be from Windows Tech Support. He said my computer sent them some error signals. If it wasn't obvious this is a scammer out to do harm, the fact that I don't have a WIndows PC would have tipped me off. So I strung him along. The more time they waste with me, the less time they'll have to harm others. Plus, it was a little bit fun.

They never asked if I was using Windows until I had them on the line for a half hour, so I never volunteered that I use Linux. And the fact that I use a Microsoft keyboard helped. (I don't like Microsoft software, but they sell the best keyboards and mice.)

They told me to press WIN-R. I did. Nothing. Repeated and clarified several times. He handed me off to a more experienced scammer.

Browser? Firefox. (Of course, many Windows users use Firefox too.) He had me type into the address bar www . ultraviewer . net. This alarmed me, but I did it with "curl -I" and "curl" first. It just says "Server is running". I quickly exited. He wanted me to type "supremo" into the address bar while the server was running. I said I did, but didn't.

That was very odd. What good does it do to type something into the address bar while an active webpage is displayed? Also, ultraview seems to be an actual commercial product for remote access.

They never asked me to identify myself or asked if I have a contract or current license or anything else. And they never explained how they got my phone number from the signals they supposedly received.

I hate junk phone calls, especially those that seek to defraud the unsuspecting. I assume he wanted to hijack my PC and either use it as a zombie or encrypt my data and demand payment. I hope more people waste there time.


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This is funny
A few months ago I surfed the internet and then a web page just popped up which told me that it was the Microsoft website and that there were bad activities at my ip address.
The page also told me I should download their AntiVirus.
I just laughed and pressed alt+f4
I used Ubuntu at this time.


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BIG like, Ken :D

I HATE how they prey on people's gullibility, and particularly the elderly can provide soft targets.

Goodonyer !



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As far as I know, ultraviewer is a remote control software, so they did want to gain some accesses to your PC. It's an old scam trick, I think, but it worth informing. A little Google search brought me to some reports that have been filed at since 2014! I believe that most people have been aware of these scams, I think, but some people like the ones who aren't familiar with the internet, and maybe some elderly people might fall victim to these scammers. This is why we need to keep spreading the word and protect our family.


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I get those from time to time over many years and from what I remember, using Windows, I had to contact Microsoft to get help with their OS. You get one or two support incidences and then your on your own. If you can't fix the problem, you have to reinstall Windows.

I have used WIndows 95, Windows XP and Windows 7 and Microsoft never contacted me at any time.


My brother-in-law got a call from someone claiming the same type of thing, several years back. He wanted me to get on the phone to mess with them, so he asked that they call back. When they called, I got on the phone and started acting like I was doing what they asked. Then, I started to tell the guy that I recognized his name and voice, and that we were old friends from middle school. By the time the phone call ended, I think I had him convinced that we were old buddies.

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