Windows partitions share with Linux server



I have 100 nodes pc network, each computer have 1TB hard disk. I make two partitions, one is 750GB with ntfs partition for computer user and 2nd partion is 250GB with no file system. I want to share 2nd partition of each computer with Linux server to make a big single storage pool. i.e the total size of this single storage pool will be 250GB * 100computers = 25,000 GB. Is it possible? and how I can make it.

I have already configured OpenLDAP on Linux server for authentication and other resources.

I'm not familiar with how windows would/could share it.. if it were Linux, you could export them via nfs or something i'm sure to accomplish this (or something close to it)
You are really making a distributed SAN. What you might be able to do is setup iSCSI on everything and do it that way. I would not really advise doing anything critical with this, but you could do it.
Agree. For an exercise great not for production. I think the kindof.partitions its critical, do the exercise and dont forget to tell us the result.
I do not issue any guarantee that this will work for you!
In Windows, open a browser and go to,download the latest explore2fs zip file.nd unpack it.In the new folder, you'll find the explore2fs executable,double-click on it to start it:The Explore2fs filebrowser starts; you can now browse your Linux partitions and copy&paste files to your Windows partition:Go to and download and install the DiskInternals Linux Reader.After the installation, the Linux Reader starts automatically and scans your hard drive for Linux partitionsAfterwards, you can find your Windows and Linux partitions in the Linux Reader.
I think you can share the drive via another computer because since you told it is shared you can do it.

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