Windows 7 Gamer thinking of switching to Linux



Fair enough, though I personally like KDE, but I'm also not seeking a dedicated game only machine, though there are a few titles I enjoy.


Update :

Been using this distro for about a week now. Have to say if I did not intend to play games on this linux box, this would have been my preferred distro of choice. In terms of ease of use, especially in terms of setting up hardware such as printers / network-shared resources for multiple platforms I found openSUSE to be much easier then any of the *buntus and variants.

Games: However this ease and simplicity of use comes to a screeching halt the moment you want to play games. For one thing, Steam-Linux default download is a .deb file which for some reason openSUSE's yast refuse to fetch dependencies for. Up to this point, any other software / hardware that requires dependencies that is not on your install, is automatically flagged for retrieval and installation (which made my Epson L350 a one click install). While I can try to look up for a .rpm or even compile steam's client from scratch, its a jarring jolt from what was up to that point, flawless installation, great performance (KDE Plasma I believe ran as if it was xfce) and just plain shine overall in terms of day to day use.

Even getting Nvidia's drivers and installing them *is a trial in patience*
So ya, I will agree with the above postings that openSUSE isn't really game-centric friendly even for native Linux games particularly if you are getting your Linux games from Steam.

Will be going to go and try running debian next.
Hopefully, it'll give me a better experience then the *buntus,


. . .Can I still keep Windows 7 to play my games on AND Linux for everything else? What would i be losing and gaining if I switched to Linux?
I think this thread has served to answer pertinent questions, OP.
Check out the new Linux Lite 1.0.8, as a suggestion. Although ubuntu-derived, it impressed me with ease of use far more than SUSE ever has.

To clarify, given my known penchants, the only reasons I make such a recommendation are perfomance-related and the fact that it is based on the 12.04 LTS.

Richard Rodriguez

gaming is hard to give up, I know, but I don't have much time for gaming anymore, I just want my comp to boot faster and have less of a chance of virus and walks Linux, but I have two HDD a 1 tera and a 2 Tera

I put Linux on my 2 Tera and Win 7 (for gaming only) is still on my 1 Tera

I very much enjoy my Linux machine...I am using Zorin 8

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